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CYC Institute 2008


CYC Institute for 2008 is a collection of independent instructional programs targeted to serve the needs of both the sailors and the waterfront activities. Watch this site for ongoing updates


April 25  7:00pm          Club House                 May 15 7:00pm           Club House

Protest Committee process and procedures Keith Calkins
May 7  5:30 pm   Waterfront

Visit the presentation here

Spinnaker sets, jibes, take downs instructions at the dock on J-22's. On water practice follows with coaching. All are welcome for dockside instructions and questions Justin Damore       from Ullman sails
May 9   5:30 pm      Waterfront Sail set, tuning, boat speed instruction at the dock. On water practice follows with coaching All are welcome for dockside instructions and questions Jim Barnash..dedicated and very competitive J-22 sailor from RYC
May 14  6:30 pm Waterfront  

Lots of good information from the night here



Waterfront operations. Proper procedures for lifting boats and using the equipment. Many people learn the wrong way and struggle unnecessarily.

Getting off and on and surviving the moorings

Personal rigging help and inspection

Hoists and blacktop   Pam Bettencourt  John Landry


Moorings             Tom Casey        


May 17 10:00 am       Clubhouse             May 22  7:00 pm  Clubhouse        Race Committee training. Procedures for RC volunteers. Among other things it will cover timing, flags, race recording etc. Jonathan Gorbold   Keith Calkins
May 29 7:00 pm Pro refresher Jonathan Gorbold
May  21 7:00 pm  Clubhouse                  June 10  6:00 pm     July   8   6:00 pm  Aug. 12  6:00 pm  Sessions 2-4 Waterfront  Racing for Absolute Beginners. Designed to remove the mystic of sailboat racing for the absolute beginner. 1st session on land, rest on the water Anna Gorbold


Note: The 2 nights with the J-22  instruction are part of the Jackrabbit regatta. The J-22 fleet would like to invite all the club members to attend and share the knowledge of these fine presenters. Each night will begin with live demonstrations using J-22's tied to the dock. The presenters will then critique the J-22's on the water. You will be free to ask related questions while the dockside instruction is going on. I am sure the sail makers will address special concerns afterwards, because that is what they do.