CYC Institute Presents

Proper Lift and Mooring operations

by Pam Bettencourt, Tom Casey and John and video clips Cory Neefus

Important links:

Video clips by Cory posted on Utube

Attaching the hoist
The lift and launch
The retrieval

Manuals by Pam and John

Hoist Operator's Training Guide
CYC Boat Hoist Lifting Sling Guide


The evening was overcast with some rain that contributed to the thin turn out. Never the less, all that attended went away with some tips and had to opportunity to work other people and iron out some of the kinks in their procedures. View the above links for a lot of good information,


The final word !


All boats must be prepared before moving to the lift


Many hands (out of their pockets) make the job go faster



Each dry sail boat has its own lifting rig



Lots of good tips