GO Fleet Race courses

New race courses are being offered this year. The goal is to provide the PRO with the tools for a more competitive and enjoyable evening for the participants.. Courses are still once around




The mid line start finish has been removed. The longer weather leg will give competitors an opportunity to spread out and reduce the chances of making it a one tack leg. It will make a taller triangle that makes the ends of the start line more fair. Note that the finish line is separate from the start line. The finish mark will be relatively close to the signal boat. It will be a smaller mark probably one of the small "hoppy" balls or a small yellow tetrahedron. The start mark is the normal orange and will probably be in the water at the finish but has no meaning. Separate start and finish lines allows the race committee to set the start line for the next race without having to wait for the finish of the existing race






Sometimes our current race course becomes nearly a windward leeward course with a mark stuck halfway down wind. This is particularly true with a North wind when the available lake becomes narrow. Unfortunately competitors can not get away from each other because they we still have to pass the wing mark. Nobody likes a down wind leg without a spinnaker but, at least on those nights, we will have an opportunity for some jibing tactics.

An offset mark, that needs to be rounded, will be in place at the weather mark. It will be a smaller mark, probably one of the  "hoppy" balls. It is placed there to help keep the down wind boats away from the upwind boats. This is particularly true for the boats on the port tack lay line.The finish line will use a smaller mark. The start mark may be in the water but has no meaning at the finish