Wednesday August 1


Harbor Gun 6:00 First race 6:30, short skippers meeting


First ladies night was a huge success. The opening winds were light to absent from the west at 2-3 mph gusting to 5 mph and dying. The race committee decided to shorten the course at the end of the second leg and bag the evening. We had just set the finish line and fired the gun for shortened course when we noticed the wind line up north. It allowed us to finish the race and immediately set up a windy-lew second race .That wind held long enough to the fleet to complete giving the girls and the mixed fleet 2 races for the night. We then retired to an excellent pulled pork chicken buffet. Awards were given for the evening in addition to each to the female boats receiving a fresh baked pie by Barb & Tom, Mike Weber and myself. The rest of the pies were enjoyed by all.


Ladies scores                           Mixed fleet scores

points                                        points

elapsed time                              elapsed time

corrected time                            corrected time

It was a great night for photography and we were able to take pictures of not only the women but many other boats. The images are large and hopefully loaded properly. In your browser