CYC Institute – 05/09/07 - Upwind


3 elements of racing - Boat Speed, Strategy, Tactics,

            Boat Speed – Getting the most out of what you’ve got

            Strategy – Making the right decisions and going the right way

            Tactics – Keeping others from interfering and making them go the wrong way

            NOT Rules

                        Conflict is manageable

                        Confrontation is distracting and slow

                        Collision is bad for everyone


Boat Speed – Tuning the engine

            Bernoulli’s principle

            Sail shape – depth, position, angle of attack & twist (Wind sheer)

            Main, Jib & Interaction


Boat Speed – Shifting gears; where, when & how

            Light - Generating boat speed (footing)

            Medium - It’s already there (Footing or pointing)

            Heavy - More than you need (De-powering)

            Rigs & keels – Aspect ratio


            Preparation – tell tales, draft stripes

            Hoisting – wrinkles

            Jib twist

            Main matching the jib - trimming the leeches  

            Shifting gears – Panel




Strategy - Making the right decisions, going the right way

            Wind – Understanding it is the key - Veering / Backing

            Persistent / Oscillating Shifts

            System features – Highs, Lows, Fronts

            Sea breeze



                        Shore turns

                        Hills & valleys

            Lifts / Headers

            Recognizing them (Compass, shore sights, boats)

            Dealing with them

                        Course diamond

                        Tacking – 5/10 boat lengths

                        Corner effect